Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze Nr 4 S.A. (Military Aviation Works No. 4 JSC) has been successfully operating in the aviation technology sector since 1951 and is considered vital part of Polish Airforce and hence Polish Defense System.


At the very beginning company performed: maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services of airframe and engines as well as production of: airfield gear, parts and support equipment but since mid-sixties its focus shifted towards propulsion systems.

Currently WZL-4 S.A. core business is providing MRO services of:

* turbine engines for military aircrafts,
* turboshaft engines for helicopters,
* accessories and assemblies to aforementioned engines,
* engines’ ground testing for commercial and military aircrafts.


The company also performs maintenance, repair and overhaul of low-power turbines, starter engines and generators as well as diagnostics, overhauls and production of parts/units for aeronautical applications as well as in-house and on-site repairs, the latter courtesy of our mobile teams.

During the MRO works WZL-4 S.A. provides following services: borescope and non-destructive inspections (NDI), dynamic balancing, chemical & plasma spray coating, metrology services, automated dimensional measurements, conventional machining, welding, chemical and heat treatment.

WZL-4 S.A. has:

years of expirience

Currently serviced

Jet engines

Turbine engines

Low-power turbines

Starter engines


Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze Nr 4 S.A. (Military Aviation Works No. 4 JSC) has a huge potential that it tries and explores through countless investments in: new facilities, equipment and employees. But also through new ways of managing business and corporate identity. All that to ensure better offer for military and commercial markets, domestic as well as foreign.
Those actions shall allow the company to keep current customers and reach out to new ones.


Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze Nr 4 S.A. (Military Aviation Works No. 4 JSC) has emerged from the public company in the process of commercialization based on the act issued by Minister of Treasure on 26th October, 2007 in mode of article 4, section 1, subsection 1 with respect to: article 3, section 1 of legal act issued on 30th August, 1996 regarding commercialization and privatization.

WZL-4 S.A. is Polish company registered in Regional Court of the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Economic Department of National Court Registry, equity capital 54 000 000 PLN paid up front.


National Court Registry – 0000295379
National Register of Economic Units – 000173309
VATIN – 525-00-07-247

We are a part of Capital Group PGZ S.A.

employees in the group
pln of yearly turnover