Non-destructive testing & lab services


disassembling of the engine


washing & cleaning of parts


inspection & evaluation of parts






test runs

During engine overhaul and repairs, individual parts and assemblies are subjected to non-destructive testing. NDT methods and techniques are carried out in accordance with appropriate instructions describing the inspection process in details.

The following testing methods are being used:

  • PT (Penetrant Testing) – testing with liquid penetrant, stationary system (type I method D) and portable system (type I method C),
  • MT (Magnetic Testing) – magnafluxing, installation: head, central conductor and coil,
  • ET (Eddy Current Testing) – eddy current high and low frequency testing and rotary testing,
  • UT (Ultrasonic Testing) – ultrasonic pulse-echo testing method,
  • RT (Radiology Testing) – x-ray testing (radiograph and digital image).

Penetrant testing (PT)

Fluorescent penetration testing is conducted on a newly-built semi-automatic line. The line consists of: cabin for electrostatic penetrant spraying, stations for washing off excess penetrant from the surface of the part, tub with hydrophilic emulsifier, dryer, cabin for electrostatic developer spraying and cabin for inspection.

Utility dimensions of cabins: 1100mmx1100mmx500mm.
Utility dimensions of immersion tanks: 1390mmx1230mmx800mm.

All equipment meets the requirements of ASTM 1417

Following types, methods and levels of sensitivity of penetrants are being used at WZL-4:

Penetrant types:
– fluorescent penetrant.

Methods of removal of penetrant:

METHOD C – penetrant removable with solvent,
METHOD D – penetrant removable with water after application of a hydrophilic emulsifier.

Sensitivity levels:

Sensitivity level 3 – high,
Sensitivity level 4 – very high.


Form “a” – dry powder,
Form “d” – nonaqueous developer.


Class 2: without chlorin compound

All materials meet the requirements of SAE AMS 2644

Magnetic testing (MT)

MT control is carried out on the newly purchased defectoscope type MAG50/6FR.
With this machine we can test: parts, castings and forgings made of ferromagnetic materials, ferritic steel, cast iron and cast steel.

Basic information about  MAG50/6FR:

Magnetizing current output: 6,000 Amps, Full Wave and Half Wave DC
Maximum weight of the examined element: 50kg
Maximum length of the examined element: 1500mm
Used magnetic suspension: 14 HF

All equipment meets the requirements of ASTM 1444

Personnel NDT

NDT staff are trained and certified in accordance with EN 4179 and NAS 410 and acquired level II in PT, MT and ET methods.