Jet engines’ test center


disassembling of the engine


washing & cleaning of parts


inspection & evaluation of parts






test runs

Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze Nr 4 S.A. (Military Aviation Works No. 4 JSC) have two engine test cells that are used to conduct: production, operating and control tests (after MRO – maintenance, repairs and overhaul)  of aerial propulsion systems. WZL-4 can test engines for military and commercial aircrafts.

Aircraft’s engines testing cell no. 1

Station no. 1 is dedicated to testing engines used in Russian aircrafts serving in Polish Army. Currently these are: AL-21F3 engine used in a Soviet variable-sweep wing fighter-bomber Su-22 and RD-33 engine used in jet fighter aircraft MiG-29.


Aircraft’s engines testing cell no. 2

Station no.2 is very sophisticated facility which stands out in aviation business worldwide.

Facility can be used to test new generation jet engines with a mass air-flow up to 600 kg/sec and maximum thrust of 330 kN.

up to
(75 000 lbf) of thrust
up to
(1 433 lb/s) of mass air-flow
Building is 10 meters high and has 400 meters square surface area. It has engine preparation room devided in two parts: shipping spot and engine preparation spots where four engines can be serviced simultaneously. It also has advanced DEMAG double-beam railing system of lifting capacity up to 2 x 7,5 tons. Other rooms are: technological and office support areas.


Testing cell no. 2 is equipped with:

  • 3 tons hydraulic lifting platform placed in testing room below engine which enables easier access to engine during tests,
  • whole building is secured by modern fire suppreccion system based on SHRACK fire control which consists of: fire sensors, optic flame sensors, FM-200 gas tank, fire hydrants system, spirnklers and water squirtings with autonomous water pump-house,
  • emergency gen-set providing light and power during black-out which enables contiuous control of engine and measurements systems,
  • compressed air system which consists of two compressors of air efficency 8,6 m³/min each and two air-storage of 60 m³ volume,
  • whole building is covered by air-conditioning and ventylation system additionally preparation room as well as testing room are also equipped with heating system,
  • manufacturers of measurement systems also provide fuel, conservation oil and motional air,
  • the whole place has a 24-hour monitoring and security systems along with individual electronic access to respective facility aeras.